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Before you embark on the adventure of website creation, choosing your website creator is decisive for the success of your website, and if you still do not have the budget, Website development can be done at a lower cost thanks to a web professional who is committed to creating a professional website that meets your expectations with customized solutions tailored to your budget. Creating a quality website requires the intelligent combination of different skills such as design, ergonomics, technical development, writing, content optimization and SEO. I bring you all my expertise in creation and design your WordPress blog.

Creation wordpress website 100% responsive!

Based on your objectives and specifications, I design and develop your customized showcase website with a fully personalized graphic chart after collecting information and contents (logo, text, images, etc …).

The next step is the coding and integration of the charter by complying with the W3C Web standards with the development of the dynamic part which includes modules and functions followed also by optimization and referencing and ultimately the implementation online and developing test plans.

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Services webmastering en relation avec WordPress

creation site web maroc
  • Google Mobile Friendly Compatibility
  • Google Page Speed Optimization
  • Integration Google Analytics
  • Integration of social networks
  • Customer training on the management interface of his website
  • Website hosting management and domain names
  • Email account management
  • Migration website: migrate a website in html or php or others to WordPress
  • Modification Website WordPress: modify the design of an existing website, integration html and css3.
  • Maintenance Website WordPress: monthly maintenance service (website security, updates, backups)
  • Website Support WordPress: Help in case of technical problem with web site, hacked web, etc.

Do you have a web project ?

It all starts by sending me a message to discuss your project.

As a professional web developer and programmer, your project has added value.

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